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CompServ have fielded a number of calls from concerned customers regarding unsolicited phone calls, supposedly from Spark, Vodafone, computer manufacturers and software companies such as Microsoft.

These calls suggest that they have been monitoring your computer or modem and it is either not functioning to its optimum performance or is infected with viruses or malware. The caller recommends that they have one of their technicians work you through steps to remove the infections or make adjustments to your computer.

DO NOT! provide unsolicited callers any banking or credit card information

DO NOT! provide unsolicited callers any personal information

DO NOT! give out your email address

DO NOT! accept or open any emails from people or companies you do not know and trust

DO NOT! allow anyone that you do not know to connect to your computer

DO NOT! allow anyone you do not know make any changes to your computer

DO NOT! give out any usernames or passwords from any account or service you have

DO NOT! give out your IP address

DO NOT! follow any instructions to download or install software

Consumer Protection govt nz

If you have any concerns, contact us immediately

If you have been contacted and have provided any information or followed any instructions contact us immediately.



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